What Garage Door Should I Get for My Home Style?

Need help choosing a garage door for your home? There are many options to choose from to increase your home's curb appeal. Overhead Door Company of Lubbock has some great options for homeowners to compliment all different types of homes that we have in this area. Here's a few.

Modern aluminum garage doors

For a contemporary look to set your home apart, our Modern Aluminum Collection features garage doors that combine glass and aluminum for unparalleled visual style, strength and light infiltration. It’s a unique solution for your extraordinary home.

These doors look great on homes with a modern design. Modern homes typically have sleek and clean lines with larger windows. Bringing in the natural light to the inside of the home is customary for modern home designs.  With the large glass and clean lines from the aluminum struts, our modern aluminum glass garage doors are the perfect addition to any modern home.

Custom-crafted wood garage doors

To transform the look of your home, choose a beautiful, custom-crafted wood door. Fine woods and precision craftsmanship make the doors in our Signature™ Carriage Collection architectural works of art. Browse 21 standard designs, available in semi-custom or custom styles. You can also design your own door to match your home’s architectural style. Optional decorative hardware adds the finishing touch.

Custom wood doors are perfect for most home styles but they really pop on traditional, Mediterranean, or craftsman style homes.  Depending on the style of home, wood doors will accentuate the features.  On traditional homes, a wood door will provide a very distinguished, rich look. On craftsman style homes, wood doors compliment the natural, warm and hand-made look that craftsman houses are typically known for.

Carriage house style doors

For homeowners that are wanting the gorgeous look of wood garage doors and the durability of steel, our Courtyard Collection® and Carriage House Steel Collection have models that have the look of a classic swing-out barn door but they're made of durable steel. These doors come in many different design styles that will give the perfect barn door look you're wanting on your home.

This is another door that would look great on many different home styles, but we typically see them on traditional, craftsman, colonial, Mediterranean, and farmhouse home styles.

Insulated garage doors with wood grain textures

Although most of our garage door models can be insulated, there's a couple that stand out from the rest.  These doors will also look great with most home styles, but we've included it in this post for homes that are in areas with extreme weather like high summer heat and freezing winter climates.

Our Thermacore® Collection is great for homeowners who want maximum thermal efficiency in their garage space. Homes that endure extreme temperatures can get the thermal benefits these doors offer.  They have a sandwich construction of steel-polyurethane-steel, which makes them extremely strong, durable, and great for insulating your garage.

Steel garage doors with wood grain textures

Our traditional steel garage doors can simulate a wood garage door with it's woodgrain stain colors. By adding stain color options you can match the wood features on your home like the front door, window boxes, and shutters. Homeowners have a choice of classic, raised panels or contemporary, ranch panels (some models).

We also have our carriage house steel doors that offer wood stain patterns that are painted on the doors. These doors look great on virtually any home style.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

Our Impression Collection® doors are embossed with fiberglass wood-grain grooves and textures to enhance the appearance of your door. These doors look so much like real wood garage doors you may not even be able to tell the difference. If wanting a wood door for your home, but don't want the maintenance that's typically required, faux wood garage doors are a great option.

Finding a garage door that looks great on your home doesn't have to be hard.  We have many tools to help you find a door that fits your home like our garage door visualizer tool. You can also come in and speak with our residential garage door specialist, who will walk you through the design process to find the perfect new garage door for your home.  Call us today at 806-797-4141.