Setting a Temporary PIN on your Garage Door Keypad

Setting Up A Temporary PIN on Your Keypad

Did you know you can set a temporary PIN on your garage door opener keypad? This allows homeowners to give someone access to open your garage door without giving them your real code. Whether it's a repair person or a friend that needs to enter your garage, giving out the keypad code is not ideal. That's why our keypads have the option to set a temporary code, allowing you to set a temporary code which gives you more control and provides added security to your garage.

The great thing about a temporary PIN is the obvious, it's temporary. Giving your keypad code out to anyone is not ideal and it's not good practice to keep your garage door secure so that's why we provided you below with the instructions to set-up a temporary code for your keypad.

Steps to set a temporary PIN for your keypad:

  • Enter your current PIN and press the PROGRAM button 3 times.
  • Enter your temporary PIN and press the PROGRAM button.

NOTE: Do NOT reprogram the garage door opener(s). Temporary PIN remains active only until the next time your normal PIN is entered.

How to clear the temporary PIN code?

Once the normal PIN is entered the temporary code becomes inactive.