If you need garage door repair or installation in Plainview, Texas then you've come to the right place.

Overhead Door Company of Lubbock serves a vast area around Lubbock which includes the city of Plainview. Overhead Door Company of Lubbock is one of the largest residential and commercial door companies in the area and has been around since 1951. We offer both residential and commercial door services including installation and repair on garage doors and operators.

Residential Garage Door Repair and Services

When it comes to repair or installation for your home's garage door or garage door opener, Overhead Door Company of Lubbock is one of the best in West Texas.  We've been providing residential door services for homeowners in the area for over 65 years.

Commercial Door Repair and Services

Does your business have an industrial-grade door that needs servicing? When your door breaks down at your business, it can impact the operations of your business. It's important to get professional door repair technicians out to your business to diagnose the problem with your door and fix it in a timely manner. Overhead Door Company of Lubbock also has a large selection of commercial door solutions for your business, everything from rolling steel doors to aluminum glass garage doors.

Why you should choose Overhead Door

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Experts in the door industry
  • Professional service at a competitive price
  • The ONLY Official Overhead Door® Distributor in the area

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