Garage Door Prices

What Determines the Price of a New Garage Door?

What's the cost of a garage door in the Lubbock area? There are many factors that play into the price of a new garage door including size, style, and material. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Garage Door Sizes

Size of your new garage door will affect the price you pay.  The larger the garage door you're needing, typically the more it will cost.  The most common height for a garage door is 7 ft. high.

Single car garage doors that have dimensions of 8 ft. by 7 ft. or 9 ft. by 7 ft. will typically be less expensive then larger garage doors like those that are 16 ft. by 7 ft. or 18 ft. by 7 ft.  This depends on the type of material and style.

Type of Material

Your standard, traditional steel garage door will usually be your least expensive option when buying a new door.  Materials like fiberglass, glass and wood will typically be more expensive.

Door Style

The style and customization you want on a new garage door will also affect the cost.  Adding things like color, stained paint, windows, hardware or any other customization will often result in paying more for your new garage door.

*Garage door prices vary depending on many factors.  For the most accurate estimate, give us a call at 806-797-4141 or email us at [email protected]